About Coffee Culture’s Unique Rosemary Sage Latte

Our seasonal Rosemary Sage Latte is one of our most unique signature drinks. The key ingredients of rosemary and sage often inspires an initial level of apprehension followed by curiosity for adventurous coffee enthusiasts and foodies seeking unique coffee experiences. Still feeling cautious? Perhaps some more information about the Rosemary Sage Latte will stimulate your adventurous spirit.

The Rosemary Sage Latte at Coffee Culture is made with a fresh infusion of herbs in agave syrup. All of the herbs are harvested in locally here in Corvallis. Agave syrup is the nectar of the agave plant and is slightly sweeter than sugar but has a much lower glycemic index value than either sugar or honey, meaning it won’t cause a sharp rise or fall in your blood sugar. We steep the freshly picked herbs in agave and water until all of the flavor is released, creating a fragrant mixture that is then added to a traditional latte, sweetening it lightly and giving it a savory herbaceous undertone.

Rosemary and sage freshly harvested in Corvallis for our signature Rosemary Sage Latte.  

Have you tasted our Rosemary Sage Latte? What did you think? Does it sound like something you would try? Please share a comment with us.


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